Sunday, March 25, 2007

Maybe I'll be America's Next Top Male Model

Vanity and excess. It seems to be the scourge of Hollywood. I don't know that it was always this way but average Joes seem to worship those who are famous. Is it the fact that people, for the most part, want more or do they just live vicariously through someone with a life more exciting than theirs which consists of the same routine day in and day out?

Personally, I get sick of the excess I see from day to day. Whether it's working on advertising for a place offering "skin tightening" or touring a Parade of Homes model which tips the scales at a square footage which could house thirty people and a pricetag larger than the gross domestic product of numerous African countries; it gets a touch annoying.

Celebrities, though, are what annoy me to no end. The simple fact that it's "news" about American Idol henchman Simon Cowell paying over $40 million in income taxes is of no interest to me. I pay taxes too but the Associated Press doesn't pick up my mundane total and plop it down on the wire for all to publish.

Then there is his smugness. Hey, there is no problem with being smug. Cowell has made a name for himself by being a guy who isn't afraid to make enemies and speak his mind. The world might be better off if there were more people like this. Then folks might stop wearing mumus and have others admit to them that they have, in fact, put on some weight and shouldn't wear that halter top that exposes their fupa for all the world to see.

I think I'll make it a goal of mine to set people straight on occassion. Being cordial and nice to people has only gotten me this far. Maybe it's time to let people know how I actually feel and then I can get myself that $2 million house and buy some friends like a celebrity.


Diesel said...

The problem with being that smug is that you have to pretty much be right all the time or people will never let you forget it. Simon Cowell and Dr. House can get away with it. Me, not so much.

Sornie said...

Maybe it's that British accent that makes it acceptable -- hell, we almost expect that level of smugness from Brits based on what we see on the telly.