Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's official, MySpace makes a profit

PZ Myers has a short write-up on his bewilderment of MySpace sucking in actual advertising dollars to the tune of $25 million per month and growing at the rate of 30% per quarter. Finally, people in the post dot-com boom and the crash that followed in the late 90s have embraced the two-way format of web 2.0 and made it work.

How long, though, until someone creates the next hot and trendy website that everyone from tweens to once-hip thirty-somethings will flock to in hordes and make MySpace a footnote in the relatively brief history of the internets?

I am all for profiting from the relative stupidity and less-than-shrewd spending habits of certain breeds of advertisers. It keeps me fed in the long run. It also makes me realize that I need to start cooking up the ideas and create some hot new website that I can sell for millions of times more than I have actually invested in it. Make a quick buck and stick a large corporation with the tab and the debt when it fizzles and dies and fades from relevance seems to be the mantra in the internet age and a person with the knowhow to make something happen would be a damn fool not to make a buck at it.

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Beth said...

Wow. Just plain old wow.

If you do think of something to make the big bucks like this, can I get in on it? I can help - somehow!

I sent this info to my kids - just to let them know what they're a part of. Mind-boggling.