Saturday, March 31, 2007

How did it come to this?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I know I don't normally talk personal on here but some times a guy just needs to vent. If things don't turn around soon before we are able to catch up on three months of missed mortgage payments, the mortgage company will soon seize the house. The wife's family doesn't have the means or room for us and I am unsure if any even remotely reputable place will rent to a destitute couple teetering on the brink of a foreclosure/repossession/bankruptcy. My parents live 100 miles away so that would mean an end to our jobs, that's out of the question... for the moment.

However you see it, things are getting crazy. The money keeps coming in but in decreasing amounts. I cannot believe that in just over two years of marriage we have spiraled to such depths that recovering seems impossible.

Next week the cable TV and cable internet gets turned off. It isn't a huge amount but every buck helps. We are trying to sell the house but in a depressed housing market, there just aren't any takers or even lookers. My worst fears are almost reality. We are going to lose it all. I know, deep down in my heart, that we won't make it out with much if anything at all. I am amazed that we haven't decided to just seal the entire deal with a divorce. It would be a fitting end to a year-long death-spiral.

Whether it was the endless medical bills, the enormous health insurance premium hike, automotive repair bills, insanely large tax hikes, no wage increases or a number of assorted misfortunes; we are at the end of our proverbial ropes.

I'll blog this from home until the bitter end but that end is likely next week. We began in excellent financial shape but things never improved, it just kept getting worse... I've kept my relatively rosy outlook on life until now but it's just too much to bear.


buffalodickdy said...

What is happening to you has been going on in Michigan for awhile. House values here have dropped about 15% in 2 yrs. Businesses' have closed or moved out of state. The low morgage rates are coming home to roost. I really feel sorry for you and your generation. Getting ahead has never been more difficult. Good luck to you, Arnie.

Brendan said...

It's impossible to find words for a time like this. They're all clichés: hang in there, no place to go but up from here, etc.

But know that people are thinking good thoughts about you.

mist1 said...

Hang in there.

No said...

woah..dude..sorry to hear that...the cities is so freakin' expensive to live..that's why we don't live there anymore..I feel for ya..

Hang in there!!!

No said...

This isn't an April foolery, huh? I'm hoping, but really, it sucks if isn't.

Sornie said...

Thanks for all the kind words folks.