Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ewww... you got your meme on my music feature

Sometimes others in the vastness of the online universe remember me. No, not for all the frothy goodness I bring here on a near-daily basis but to tag me with a meme. Of course, I can run forever with this one because it involves music and Dorky Day tagged lil' ole' me because we have the same interests in music and tune into the same Twin Cities area radio station(s).

Anyhow, I'll try to complete this task because he reminded me mid-Panda Week extravaganza that I had a task to take care of and dammit, I won't let y'all down...

So, I am supposed to list seven songs I'm currently enjoying. I'll do my best to keep it at seven and for shits and grins I'll even upload them so you can have a listen to the obscure crap that keeps me jammin' all day at work and aids in generating the fantastic ideas that make the customers' businesses that all important money...

And now, in no particular order....

Every now and then I need some rock and while flipping through radio stations, I heard this tune and found out once I got home that I already had the disc in my iTunes library...
30 Seconds to Mars - From Yesterday

Deep in my heart, I've always had a soft spot for music that I would be ashamed to admit that I actually listen to, but in small doses it's acceptable and damn good to turn up... LOUD. Even better is an entire disc full of tunes which are nothing more than a cleverly mixed collection of small samples that taunt the RIAA and test the limits of what an artist can blatantly rip off without paying a dime for... (It comes courtesy of a playlist on the wife's iPod)
Girl Talk - Friday Night

A few weeks ago on a Friday I wrote about a Brit named Amy Winehouse. This chick is seriously messed up but her style reminds me of something from the 50s or maybe from a James Bond flick. It doesn't hurt that she is smoking hot in a sleazy, tawdry, drunken way that surely attracts nothing but the "cream of the crop" in terms of guys.
Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good

I am always a fan of a Minnesotan who makes it big. With the incessant name-dropping and shout outs to so many things that are familiar to me, the lyrics of this song ring true and even during a day that I could kick a fuzzy kitten through a box fan, make me appreciate Minnesota.
Atmosphere - Say Shhh

I actually caught this tune one afternoon during Jonesy's Jukebox. I was probably at home, maybe it was during the late afternoon/early evening rebroadcast but I loved the cheese-factor as soon as I heard the first half of it. I also have to thank her for giving us America's first glimpse of "The Simpsons" so many years ago.
Tracey Ullman - They Don't Know

I remember hearing this tune for the first time as I sped down I-94 with my friend's sister driving. We were proudly listening to the old Zone 105 on our way to see Blink-182 at the now-closed Quest in Minneapolis. That was a long time ago, I assume late-summer 1998 but I still listen to this tune on a somewhat regular basis. In my opinion, it was her final great song before she sold out to, eww, adult-contemporary radio.
Liz Phair - Polyester Bride

In the past few years I became familiar with a lot more local-type music than I knew existed. Before that, I thought of Prince, The Replacements and Soul Asylum as the only nationally recognizable acts to make it big from the twin towns. Then I heard the rootsy likes of these guys. Sure, they don't actually live here anymore but they once did and the almost spoken-word name-dropping and lyrical tour of the Twin Cities suburbs says they have definitely lived here. I'm not familiar with ever locale that Craig Finn talks about but I will be someday.
The Hold Steady - Southtown Girls

Holy crap. Seven tunes already. I'd do more but I am sure I have bored everyone to tears.

I took some initiative here because all I had planned was to brag up the west metro's best burger. Ask me about it, I'll definitely have something to say!

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Dorky Dad said...

Tracey Ullman! I've got to admit, I didn't expect that one. Thanks for the curveball. And this is an excellent list.

I had trouble keeping it to seven myself. I had to narrow it down.