Monday, February 05, 2007

TV news sensationalizes weather or crap you already knew

I live in Minnesota and, for the most part, so do most of the viewers of the local FOX affiliate, KMSP. Why do they then feel the need to so overly sensationalize the weather when it is admittedly cold but only the coldest it's been in three years? To us Minnesota natives, this is par for the course at least once per year.

Why, then, did the brainwizards in Eden Prairie (I'm seeing a trend with that city) devote a good chunk of their Sunday night newscast to an "investigative reporter" sticking things out in a parked car as her body temperature dropped four degrees? Not that I care what some "investigative reporter" at the third or fourth-rated channel in a city with only four true news competitors does but this was pure sensationalism. They have taken the word "news" and so distorted it that it has become a shell of its former self.

We get it, it's cold, don't get stranded in your car and if you might, take a warm coat, a granola bar or two, gloves and a stocking cap. It's called a winter survival kit and if you live in Minnesota -- especially outstate, you know what can happen so don't be stupid and don't buy into the so-called "news" that likes to hype everything just to catch the attention of the A.D.D. viewers they so desperately covet.

Are all FOX stations with news operations like this one? I sure hope not because I fear for our country if they are.

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Dorky Dad said...

I've suffered from TV news in four states. They're ALL like that. I once knew a TV reporter who complained about sweeps month. She had to write an "investigative series" about -- I'm not kidding -- "What Pets Do When You're Not At Home."