Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Was that pee I saw on the TV?

Because it's my bread and butter, I pay attention to advertising. That's probably why, last night, as I sat down with a glass of milk in time to catch a cuple commercials before my stories resumed, I noticed what I think is one of the most troubling commercials I have ever seen on broadcast television.

If my mind isn't slipping, it was for Clearblue Easy pregnancy tests. The camera cut to an image of the user pulling off a protective cap to expose the business end of the test. On the dark background, using some dramatic lighting, a sudden stream, coming at an angle, in slow and increasingly dramatic fashion hits the now-exposed business end of the Clearblue Easy test.

Cut to the female voiceover stating that the test gives more accurate results due to its digital display. Another camera zooms into the digital display where what I saw was an hourglass in digital form much like that from a computer. Either this amazing pregnancy test has a damn computer inside of it or I am 100% wrong in what I saw but for shear shock value, they had me captivated (albeit nauseatingly so) with the far-too-graphic stream hitting the stick and splashing. Did I mention the splashing? No? Well now I have.

Ads like that have that aura of class about them but work on pure shock value. Not shocking like a bear eating a guy ducking out of his icehouse to grab a cold beer but classy shock value like a smooth voice talking about the accuracy of a pregnancy test while the video features pee splashing on a stick which may or may not contain a computer inside of it.


Beth said...

ya, that commercial is really sick...who wants to see a big ole stream of pee like that? Give me a Whopper or Olive Garden or shoot, viagra, instead of that mess!

Just telling it like it is said...

I'm not really shocked, but like Beth said I would really rather see viagra commercials than urine...I see enough of that at work...comeon give us a break..
More importantly did you finish your milk?

KB said...

Hey! First visit! Thanks for visiting mine =)

We don't get that add over here - well, not to my knowledge! Don't watch tooooo much tele.

If you ask me, TV in general is WAY to graphic most of the time and adds are just getting worse and give WAY too much detail these days!! Those viagra adds (we get ones with grey haired men holding hands with their wives-type thing) - I expect they'll show how it works in graphic detail one day................kinda like a "before" and "after" thing!! hahahahaha!!

Brian said...

Yes, i finished my milk but was obviously traumatized enough to remember it the next day.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

No offense to your occupation, but I say "Piss on them all!"

The mute button is the single greatest invention of the last century!:)

Now that they've made half hour commercials, interrupted with a few snippets of show, I have all kinds of time to raid the refrigerator, take a ...well, anyway.:P

Anonymous said...

Come on, spill dude..is this your way of telling us there is a little one on the way?

Beth a/k/a no

not Beth, the first commenter.

Brian said...

Not a chance Anon. No way.