Friday, January 05, 2007

"The O.C." cancelled, millions of tweens sob

Okay, I'll be up front about this before I tear into the meat of the story. I, at one time, watched "The O.C.". When it first aired nearly four years ago, it was something different. It was a guilty pleasure and had an actual plot to its stories. The second season, though, went nearly nowhere. That's when I stopped watching on a regular basis. The third season slid further yet downhill as I let a couple episodes build up on the VCR and eventually simply taped over them. I even tried caring about this year's new episodes. The show's producers said that the show would get better, there were interesting twists and turns coming up for the group of perfect teens as they either did or didn't go off to college.

I still don't care about the show. I am not at all saddened by its upcoming February departure. Many blame FOX for being downright terrible with scheduling and managing their programs and relying far too heavily on one behemoth of a show called "American Idol". I will agree with those points and say that FOX essentially gave this year's episodes of "The O.C." no promotion even on its own network, much less to any outside viewers. Few know that the show was even on much less would they be able to determine for themselves if the quality had improved.

By leaving the show in its same timeslot (in a rebuilding sort of year nonetheless) the brain wizards at FOX threw it to the wolves. How could any homebound tween keep up on the escapades of Seth and Ryan if they wanted to watch the sexy docs on "Grey's Anatomy" fornicate on a guerney?

In short, the shortsighted blithering idiots running the show at FOX have killed off yet another show which actually garnered attention for the network -- a show which didn't feature a "Star Search"-like competition tailor-made for the mindless masses. It's almost like FOX doesn't want to be successful. They either kill shows before their time has come, give up too quickly, shy away from somethng critics rave about or let once-great programs run far too long eventually devolving into the butt of everyone's joke.

Farewell to the "kids" of Newport, I actually paid attention to you at one time. Who will step up to take your place? Who will fill the empty place in our hearts for spoiled rich kids living in the lap of luxury? Who will 13 year-old girls obsess over as they plaster their lockers with pictures ripped from the pages of "Tiger Beat"?

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Oh Brian, admit you like it. Closet OC watchers unite to save the oc. :)