Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's been two years

It seems like it's been longer but only two years has passed since the death of one of my best friends, Drafting Guy. I was reminded in an e-mail earlier today just how close I was and still am to those friends I made in high school and how the ties to those friends brought me to the friends I have today.

I remember the visitation, seeing all of those people I knew crying and consoling each other. I was quiet but sad nonetheless. It was one of most emotional times until the next day when I attended the funeral with Softball Player Guy, his mom and Grocery Guy. That was when my emotions kicked in. 'Nuff said. Draw your own conclusions but it was a sad day to say the least.

We still miss ya' B.T.


RaceyGirl said...

Over this past Thanksgiving break, I had to attend the wake/funeral of my best friend through high school. She was 19.
I guess it's strange to think how people so young could go so quick, I have a feeling it never gets easier, even at 70+.
Tomorrow's a better day, right?

Brian said...

Amen to that. It was just so surreal because we had known each other since 7th grade and then, poof, he's gone. I thought 26 was young but 19 is insanely young to pass away. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace, B.T.