Monday, January 08, 2007

If it's sponsored by corn chips, it must be meaningless

I don't talk sports much or follow it for that matter. My life has more importance than to set aside time for spoiled millionaires playing a child's game in front of thousands of brainwashed dolts willing to pay half a day's wage for the right to watch the antics of a bunch of college dropouts.

Today, though, my focus, or lack thereof, is on college football. The damned college bowl season is nearly over and every blue collar factory can resume their usual hours and productivity levels now that the next generation of NFL showboaters has strutted their stuff in corporate-sponsored football games which have absolutely no meaning.

Tonight is the innagural Tostitos BCS Championship although it isn't truly a championship any more than the Fiesta, Sugar, Orange or Rose bowls were in previous years. It is meaningless. Two teams that, by all means, aren't even the best in the country playing for a title that proclaims one as such.

Two teams that haven't played a game for nearly two months in a game that is far removed from the hype of the New Year's bowl games which actually stretch from early December until today (January 8th). A meaningless series of games which do nothing more than fill hour upon hour of brodcast time on ESPN2. But it's college sports so the gambling addicts will be happy and the armchair drunks can swill bottle after bottle of Red Dog beer and yell at their 13 inch black and white TV about the performance of some players barely beyond their teen years.

But it's American and it sure beats thinking.

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Too_Lively said...

We Americans are definitely overly entertained. I agree with much of what you said. The most important people in our society, our police officers, teachers, etc. make so much less than our entertainers it is a terrible shame.