Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I would rather be at work

There is but one thing that sucks more than being at home with nothing to do.

That one thing would be being stuck at home with nothing to do and no place to go because your car is in the repair shop.

I knew something was up when its temperature gauge shot up into the red zone (260 degrees) not five minutes into my normal trek to the office. Of course, something like that could be expected in the pits of hell but this is the newly snow-covered state of Minnesota with its 20 degree weather. Not exactly the recipe for a car to approach the most critical of all temperatures.

The repair shop where it sits at today used to be decent. That was when my all-knowing mechanic brother-in-law worked there. I get the pleasure of having my once-trusty automobile repaired by an actual, honest-to-God high school dropout with no automotive repair training whatsoever.

They better actually finish that damn bucket of bolts because come hell or high water, I have to make it into the office tomorrow. There are dozens of websites who need my attention and advertising prowess and I am sure that my voice mail light is blinking... like a certain light in Amsterdam but without the end result.

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