Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hey, you, get out of my car

In the land of 10,000 taxes, we'll bitch a blue streak about enything with that much-maligned three-letter word in it. Some folks, last week, got downright giddy last week as Minnesota's governor Tim Pawlenty proposed a big-brother-sounding deal which would seemingly eliminate the gas tax in the state.

Before you throw up your arms in gleeful celebration, nothing that was once a tax will ever truly go away. No way, no how. Pawlenty's plan involves taxing users of the highways. This, then, would mean installing a GPS device in each and every vehicle in the state which would tax people for how many miles they drive. This is in response to a fear of owners of higher gas mileage vehicles not paying their fair share of gas taxes.

To explain this gadget, it would collect mileage data from the vehicle using the GPS device based on the number of miles driven. That number of miles would correspond to the units of tax a driver would pay. That would likely level the playing field as officials see it but even the middle-of-the-road mileage I achieve (27 MPG) would result in taxes almost 30 percent higher than those I pay today based on the average of 550 gallons of gas purchased each year.

If it is fuels outside of traditional gasoline and diesel fuel poor old Pawlenty is shuddering about, maybe he needs to address taxation on the alternative fuels as well so he can stay the hell out of our cars.


Hammer said...

So it's unfair for people to have fuel efficient vehicles? What kind of liberals are these?

Oral said...

Fuel efficency can cost more in the long run...ex: hybrids. When they first came out you were give a few thousand as a tax break--i'e' INCENTIVE....not this year.

Brian said...

Let me enlighten you as to what kind of liberal Tim pawlenty is, he is the conservative heading up John McCain's presidential exploratory committee and the same guy who promised no new "taxes" but imposed a "health impact fee" of over $1.00/pack on cigarettes.