Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bush to deliver State of the Escalation address

Just days after Bush's approval rating plunged to a meager 28%, he'll take to the airwaves of the major television networks and the cable news outlets to brag about how well Amerikuh is doin'.

"We're a fabulous nation with fabulous people and fabulous friends."

He'll try to further explain his plan for Iraq. Of course only infants and the senile will be able to comprehend the incoherent ramblings of the former coke addict behind the podium.

How much more explanation can there be? It's pretty straight-forward, piss away a few more hundreds of millions of dollars to send 21,500 more troops to a far away desert where the first 100,000 couldn't squash insurgents because too many of the locals want the American soldiers, seen to them as invaders, to get the hell out. While the troops are simply doing their jobs as best as they can, how many would it actually take to stom out every insurgent wishing to run the country in the name of their belief?

Bush will make no mention of alternative energy as he did last year. He previously touted the benefits of switchgrass to manufacture ethanol but with sub-$2.00/gallon gas, too many Americans have forgotten the fact that during the most recent summer months they were willingly plopping down three bucks for a gallon of gas. The glory days of the S.U.V. are back and won't even begin to fade until gas creeps back to those three-dollar levels again.

Healthcare, too, is on the minds of many Americans but will once again take a back seat to the never-ending war on terror. With the latest part of the Patriot Act kicking in forcing Americans travelling to even Mexico and Canada required to have a passport, fewer will travel abroad making America a bit more close-in and thus alienating even more foreign nations. Maybe it's standard practice for other nations to require their citizens to have a passport to visit a next door neighbor country but we have grown accustomed to what once was and I liked it. I am rigid, unqilling to change. Sorry for that sidebar but while healthcare will be mentioned, there will be no plan put forth or even the mere mention of a plan.

The main focus will be the war on terror which translates, for some reason, to the war in Iraq. Apparently after four years, the two are interchangeable. While terrorism is an issue, it isn't the ONLY issue facing our country. It's time to break out of the single-minded thinking that has plagued our government for too long, it's time to tackle multiple issues and fix more than just one thing.

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