Thursday, December 14, 2006

Soy is making kids 'gay'

Where do I even begin after findng a headline so overtly wrong and misleading? After reading the opinion piece in full, the off-his-rocker author claims that soy is in fact full of estrogen which suppresses testosterone in males, causing the dreaded HOMOSEXUALITY. I am no scientist (but I play one on TV) but to make such a claim seems odd.

Having never eaten soy in any form, I cannot say that his claims of soy's effects are false. Having grown up on a crop farm where half of our farm land was planted in the evil and gay-producing soybeans, I never felt the least bit gay as I handled the evil crop, lived near the pro-homosexual fields of soybeans and was bathed in the dust of the crop in the fall as we harvested the cash crop which turns kids into flaming homosexuals.

The author of this blatantly bizarre article goes on to claim that soy causes hormone imbalances in male infants which CAUSES homosexuality due to flooding the systems with high levels of estrogen. It, in turn, causes smaller penises, he states and leads to higher levels of leukemia cases in children.

Maybe all those men in India are secretly beign fed soy products which causes ill-fitting condoms on their small members.

If what this loose screw says is in fact true (which I doubt), we are a dooomed nation as we now have another food item to steer clear of. Next thing you know, we'll be told that our drinking water isn't safe or that the spinach and Taco Bell and Taco John's mexican fast food is teeming with E.coli.

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