Wednesday, December 20, 2006

NBA doesn't deserve respect

The NBA used to be THE sport which I followed. Then I turned sixteen. Having that all important driver's license when you grew up in the country on an actual, honest to God farm changes a person. It is all about that freedom of being to do whatever you want basically whenever you want. Yes, sixteen years old was when I left the NBA in my dust. At that point Michael Jordan's career was fading and I had grown weary of the continued dominance by the Chicago Bulls. Hell, our own Minnesota Timberwolves had nearly been sent down the river to New Orleans if it hadn't been for the foresight of Mankato printing billionaire Glen Taylor.

This week, however, made me glad that I am no longer a follower of the NBA. Sure, the stars such as Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem olajuwon and others whom I followed as I grew up are long gone but the NBA has changed for the worst. After this weekend's full on brawl between the Denver Nuggets and the New York Knicks; I can safely say I am done for a bit longer with the NBA as I was with Major League Baseball after their World Series banishing strike of the 1990s.

What kind of egos do these childish NBA players have? What sort of infantile mind thinks that it's perfectly fine to start a fight in front of 15,000 paying fans? Then to end up in the front rows of fans taking out your frustrations with the style of play on the opposing team, I say that the $500,000 per team fines were far too small. Money to professional sports is nothing. It's time to suspend the players involved for the rest of the season. End these spoiled asshole's careers, hit them in the pocketbook and fine them a year's salary. Fine the teams as well with something more substantial than a mere $500,000. That dollar amount is miniscule -- how about $2,000,000 and forfeiture of their draft picks for no less than two years?

If they aren't made an example of, it will happen again. People thought that this sort of behavior was done after the Indiana Pacers/Detroit Pistons brawl a couple years ago (?) but apparently it is just beginning. These kids are barely out of high school and the children who worship these players will grow up thinking this sort of bullshit behavior is normal.

Put an end to it now and maybe, just maybe, the taxpayers will continue to put up with financing stadiums and arenas for millionaires who can readily afford to fund anything out of their own pockets. God dammit, typical neanderthal, knuckle dragging sports rubes are too stupid to comprehend this.

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