Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bigoted blonde throws hissy-fit over middle name

Some two bit whore with a domain name has taken it upon herself to personally attack Barack Obama because his middle name given to him by his father is Hussein. Holy shit, someone better bomb Obama's home because his middle name suggests that he is in fact an Islamic terrorist.

If a name makes a person something that they most definitely are not; then I must be the father of Jesus himself due to my middle name (if you can't figure that out, you need to go back and learn some basic religion and admit that you are an ignorant neanderthal that breathes via your mouth).

Obama is what he is. He is a politician in America -- more specifically from Illinois. He is a practicing Christian and regardless of the supposed 'laws' of the Islamic religion, American citizens are free to abandon a particular religion and find another one suited to their beliefs and which they, too, believe in.

The nearly middle-aged 'columnist' (if your 'column' appears exclusively online, you are in fact a blogger) goes on to say that we are fighting the war of our lives against Islam. If we are actually doing so, why are we fighting secular guerilla forces in Iraq who simply want their piece of the former Iraqi pie?

And as for her attempted connection to Obama secretly being a Muslim, his trips to connect with his father's Kenyan heritage and Barack's education in a Muslim school prove nothing more than his worldliness and his ability to see things on both sides of the aisle. With his albeit brief Muslim schooling, he is able to at least minimally understand what makes Muslims tick and the fact that he is a Christian makes it easier to understand the religious differences plaguing two opposite sides of the globe.

The author of the original blog post would like to have her seven readers believe that having any ties to Islam means you are a terrorist, even if those ties are from a time when you were seven years old.

Being that Obama is black, though, I can gather that Schlussel (the blogger in question) is nothing more than a closeted KKK member and out and out racist.

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