Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 in review

It has been quite a year and while I have lax in sharing many details of the happenings in my life, now is just the time for that...

May 2006
The wife and I adopted a cat which we were unaware of her impending kitten-birth.

July 2006
Operation naked lake, where after the dip, a good friend opted to walk back to the cabin sans clothing. This annual get-together has more and more meaning each year as it is sometimes the only opportunity the old 'gang' has to spend one weekend without the cares of the outside world. I could ramble on about it but many reading will know just what I mean.

August 2006
I hit a streak of excellent luck in August where I was finally able to ponder numerous opportunities in the professional world, some of which I tackled head-on while passing on others.
September 2006
Celebrated two years of wedded bliss with a getaway to Duluth, MN. It was dampened by two straight days of rain and a wife who came down with a miserable cold on the second day but we still stuck it out -- especially with a hotel room costing over $150/night.

October 2006
As Halloween approached in our busy lives, we quickly threw together costumes where we dressed as each other. I spent half the night adjusting my enormous boobs never getting things properly situated.

November 2006
As a do-it-yourselfer, I purchased a few cubic yards of colored mulch to re-landscape one side of the house. I ended up spending a weekend on this project and re-mulching every landscaped area in the yard.

December 2006
I wrote this.

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