Friday, November 03, 2006

Who will win: the Minnesota edition

Couple Judi Dutcher's mis-step and John Kerry's bumbling earlier this week and it seems as if Democrats each stand on their own island with absolutely no united message. They seem to be very good at speaking their own minds (unlike republicans who say what the party as a whole has decided to be the issue) but the average person wants to hear cheery bullshit news that makes their hearts warm and fuzzy. People say they want straight answers but are unable to stomach the answers when they hear them.

With that being said, the last and, thank god, final weekend of repetitive, messageless, issue skirting campaign ads are upon us. I think I will pass the time by staring out the window at a leaf dancing in my front yard or play with the felines de Sorenson until they get sick of my company.

So, who will win in spite of their repetitive, negative, money hemorhaging campaign ads?

Governor: Pawlenty by a narrow margin. 48% Pawlenty, 47% Hatch, 5% Hutchinson.

1st Congressional District: Gutknecht 53%, Walz 46%

U.S. Senate: Klobuchar in a landslide -- winning by at least 16 percent but not stopping the very plastic Mark Kennedy from trying again next time.

6th Congressional District: Michele Bachmann vs. Patty Wetterling -- too close to call. This one is the dirtiest race and will come down to who can get more votes.........

And those are the big ones in the news or, as you will assume, I don't care about the rest. Now, do yourselves a favor. Breathe deep, look out your window his weekend and, despite the fact that it is only going to crack 45-50 degrees, go the hell outside and quit obsessing over a few feeble minded politicians and, instead, laugh at them because that's far more fun than expecting one damned productive thing out of these pin-headed jackasses who could get their asses handed to them by any area high school chess team -- particularly Mark Kennedy.

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