Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Weird science: transplanted wombs

Attention Men of the world: Have you ever wanted to experience the miracle of childbirth for yourself? Well now what was once only a dream is now reality. Due to major advances in medical technology, men may now be able to carry children in their very own transplanted womb. It may sound like the plot to a bad science fiction movie but, folks, this is REAL.

A transplanted womb is just the ticket to a man being able to carry a growing child within his belly. Consider it a twisted bonding experience that would likely never work. I can only assume that this poorly thought out medical procedure has as much likelihood of actually working as the United States colonizing Mars but having no idea what we are doing has never stopped this country before. Hell, look at Iraq, which not unlike a child growing inside a womb transplanted in a man, has no exit strategy. I know for sure of one place, okay, two places, that no child would be leaving my body should I be unfortunate enough to end up with with a loaded womb inside me.

The scientists who created this get-rich-quick scheme should be promptly put to use trying out this experiment for themselves. That should change their minds.

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