Monday, November 20, 2006

U.S. government to waste more money

In an ongoing effort by our nation's government to waste money by minting new, unusable money, the U.S. goverment will, in 2007, issue four different $1 coins. They will continue through past presidents at the rate of four per year.

That's right folks, real, honest to God metal money that nobody will actually spend. Since when is our government in charge of creating something that appeals only to collectors? They (the U.S. Mint) claim that they are doing this on the heels of the successful U.S. state quarters. Why? This is just another feel-good attempt by our government to produce something 1 percent of the population gives a damn about.

Those one-dollar bastards won't work anywhere in vending machines. Seventeen-year-old store clerks won't recognize them. I'll have to switch from a belt to suspenders if I have five of them in my pocket. Hell, they'll tear straight through the pockets in most jeans with the piss-poor construction of today's low-quality, foreign-made denim.

Oh, but we'll feel much more patriotic as we fight the war on terror as we carry around a pocket full of useless coins featuring a bunch of dead presidents. Does anyone even know where Chester Arthur falls in the order of past presidents?

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