Thursday, November 16, 2006 is a scam

What follows below is an e-mail I wrote to the Florida Better Business Bureau after first experiencing difficulties obtaining a rebate form which is only available through a series of hoops and barrels which one must jump through and over to actually obtain the form. Then it gets complicated. And here I thought dealing with Home Depot was cruel and unusual punishment.

I purchased an external hard drive through which had a mail-in rebate offer. Upon trying to fill out the mail-in rebate offer online via their partner handling the rebates,, I received an error message when prompted to continue to obtain the actual rebate form to then mail in and wait for something that may or may not come. I have tried communicating with via their helpdesk e-mail address but have yet to receive a response. While in the grand scheme of the world, the rebate isn't immense, it is still something that is due to me and I am not alone in the troubles with both and their parent company where I purchased from, Having found out about what is essentially a scam rebate process after the fact, I deeply regret doing business with either company.

That is the letter I sent to the Better Business Bureau.

To top it off, also e-mail addresses and physical street addresses of its customers to anyone with $100.

The above was written on August 3rd, 2006.

Since that time I have received nothing in the mail in the form of a rebate check. By my calculations that is twelve weeks. Far longer than the 8-10 weeks falsely promised. Scam be damned, I am going to get what's mine because fifty bucks is fifty bucks. Never buy anything, much less anything that requires a rebate to obtain the advertised price, from -- the quality of their products is crap. That external hard drive has been a thorn in my side from day one and I am now considering either a different model or, if funds permit, an entirely new computer to sidestep the need for external storage altogether.

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Lonny Paul said...


Did you mail in the form? What is your tracking ##, I can help you.

Lonny Paul