Monday, November 13, 2006

Target Corporation asks for handouts

Target Corporation seems to think that it is entitled to public handouts so it can pull up roots and move thousands of employees to the decentralized suburban hell of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Since when does our government have to forego taxation of companies just to keep them growing and expanding? Are these companies aware that by doing so they are forcing their rightful tax burden on the residents of the very community they plan on locating in?

A $50 million handout is by no means small potatoes. Growing up in rural Minnesota, I saw the same practices take place but the tax-free zones were meant to spur development of small businesses -- something Target most definitely is not.

I feel sorry for the stupidity that must be so prevalent with the elected officials of Brooklyn Park and Hennepin County because even considering a giveaway of this size is ridiculous. If Target does truly need such an immense chunk of space (8 million square feet of office space, 2 million square feet of retail space & 3,000 housing units for 30,000 employees), why don't they consider spaces where office space already exists? I know that they won't find 8 million sq. ft. in one chunk but it would show some forward thinking by one of Minnesota's most loyal companies to use existing space rather than pave over nearly 350 acres of land for the express purpose of moving employees from a central location.

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