Monday, November 13, 2006

Sony prepares to launch a dud

If a video game system launches and nobody cares, does it make a sound? Of course this question has amillion possible answers, none of which are serious. The big three (XBox, Playstation and Nintendo) video game systems all have already or will be launching their next-generation video game consoles this month. XBox has a many-month lead on the competition but its $400-$500 price tag hardly makes it a small purchase. Nintendo is next up this month with its futuristic Wii console complete with motion sensitive controllers that more closely resemble a remote control than a typical game controller. Sony is the final system to launch with its obviously named Playstation 3.

The biggest disadvantage is Sony with their lofty pricetag and stingy supply of PS3 consoles. Sure, they come jam-packed with a Blu-Ray disc ddrive which should win the next generation DVD format war but this isn't a high-end piece of home theater equipment, it's for 36 year-old virgin gamers who live in their parents' basement and work at a comic book shop.

Nintendo and their iPod-sheik Wii system has, as I see it, the biggest advantage. A small price tag coupled with the ability to download vintage Nintendo titles directly to the console and the atypical controller should make for the loyal Nintendo following to grow at least somewhat.

What do I care, though? I am a nintendo loyalist having owned three of the previous four Nintendo consoles at one time or another and I currently have both the Nintendo 64 covered with dust in our living room and the Nintendo Gam Cube which was a present from my now wife. That one is great for when the nine-year-old niece drops by. She always seems to think she can beat me in Super Smash Brothers but has only done so once. I believe that children are our future but they won't learn a damn thing by adults letting them win.

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