Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November, we barely knew thee

How can it be that November is nearly a thing of the past? It seems like only yesterday that I was lugging half a dozen jack-o-lanterns from the front steps to the compost pile. The corn shock is gone. The Christmas lights were put up Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow, under cover of the 4:30 PM setting sun, I will bring out the plastic Christmas figurines to work off some of the Thanksgiving feast I wolfed down hours earlier. Friday will bring the annual shoppping feast with the missus and her twin sister which will only serve to wake me up at 5 AM also. Saturday is my dad's birthday - I think I'll bake him a cake or something. And tonight, well tonight we head out with my good bud Adam to see the annual Ike Reilly show at First Ave. in Minneapolis.

Good times. Good times!

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