Monday, November 06, 2006

Note to winter: bring it on!

If you are curious, I was off from work on Friday. It is anormal occurrence for me to take a Friday off from work during October to take care of everything on the homestead that hasn't been wrapped up yet. This year, though, my October was busier than usual at the office and that day got pushed into November.

It could have been warmer on Friday but it didn't stop me from taking nearly every minute of daylight (while I was awake) from the entire three-day weekend and turning it into hard labor which would, in turn, impress the missus immensely.

Gone is the corn shock and accompanying Halloween-type decorations from the front yard. The pickup-box full of landscaping mulch has been spread throughout each landscaped area in the entire yard. Thanks to my father-in-law for helping to get it home and helping me unload it during the lung-burning Friday morning.

Other work-related projects were tackled Friday afternoon as well. I am keeping my fingers crossed on that front. I did miss out on one thing that, looking back on, would have capped off the weekend quite nicely. Retail bitch had run into an extra ticket for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert Sunday night but I waited too long and missed out. Oh well, can't luck out every time.

With all that was accomplished this weekend, I will say this: bring it on winter, do your worst, my yard is ready for your pathetic attempt at snow. I'll be waiting for your first measurable snowfall sometime in mid-January, pansy-ass.

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