Friday, November 03, 2006

More feet in mouth

In an effort to show that more than a few politicians are extremely out of touch with the constituents they supposedly represent, by association, Mike Hatch has effectively lost his umpteenth gubernatorial campaign by choosing a woman -- Judi Dutcher -- who is more out of touch (or at least equally) as this country's president.

The lieutenant governor candidate, Dutcher, made the most bumble-headed statement when attempting to answer a question that I have heard in the past two days.

Note to Dutcher: If you represent all Minnesotans you should know what E-85 is.

Hint: It's made from corn.

Sub-hint: Corn grows on corn stalks.

Sub-subhint: Corn stalks reach approximately seven feet in height and are grown on upwards of half of Minnesota's farmland.

Bonus hint: One byproduct of ethanol production is Shaker's brand vodka. Ethanol, on its own, is completely pallatable as it is actually alcohol.

While Mike Hatch actually had at least a fighting (albeit slim) chance at unseating Tim Pawlenty and the multi-millionaire lieutenant governor Carol Molnau, he really should have schooled Judi Dutcher on topics which effect outstate minnesotans. Remember this Ms. Dutcher, Minnesota does actually extend beyond Hennepin and Ramsey counties.

It would be nice if we could actually elect individual candidates for governor and lieutenant governor but these two are stuck together like siamese twins which is unfortunate due to the fact that Ms. Dutcher is a bumbling idiot who feels that knowing what E-85 is is something equal to a knowledge bowl competition question.

Even though the lieutenant governor is a figurehead and does virtually nothing of importance (unless you're Carol Molnau and turn our state's transportation system into an underfunded quagmire of a clusterfuck) and her complete lack of knowledge on a topic important to man Minnesotans shouldn't effect anything; we can expect a TV ad where Pawlenty himself or the republican party seeks to capitalize on the comments of someone who is as unimportant as a bent paperclip. Will that ad change anything? No. Because at this point, negative ads -- regardless of whether or not they contain even a tiny shred of truth -- do nothing more than make people change channels on their TV.

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