Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry attempts joke, forgets punchline

So what? A politician got passionate about what he was speaking about and made a joke which omitted the punchline and offended some. He is a human but his decision to cancel an appearance in Mankato for US House candidate Tim Walz was downright cowardly.

His people say he canceled the appearance so as not to distract attention from the race but he is copping out in a way usually reserved for republicans. He needs to show his passion, which he lacked during his presidential campaign, and stand up for an issue, not back down and admit he is wrong without a fight -- the stubborn act is used every day by Bush.

Back to Kerry's speech, though. He may have meant what he said and if those that took it personally failed to realized who it was directed at (Bush) then maybe it wasn't a joke. The military, for the most part, has a history of almost preying on underprivileged inner-city youth whose only hope for furthering themselves is to enlist in the military of land a full-ride football scholarship to Ohio State. Unfortunately, colleges sometimes look at grades.

That lands these kids with the drive to imprive their prospects in life the option of enlisting in the Army or the National Guard. The Army, as the falsely promise, will provide a college education as well as specialized training that will land you a great-paying career. Sure, ask my cousin who spent at least eight years about that college education, you know, the one he DIDN'T get from our nation's Army. He fell for their promise and, now in his mid-thirties, is still trying to recover from those years spent serving our country.

Kerry did nothing worse than offending the opposition. Unfortunately, this is an election year and shit happens. I find it hypocritical that when something offends the republicans of this country, they cry foul. If a republican had said something equally offensive to those on the opposite side of the aisle, there would be an uproar as well with hecklers on 'the right' telling democrats to shut their mouths and accept the statements as fact.

It is the old 'pot calling the kettle black' scenario. Well, to wrap up with one more cliche, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.


SlimAdam said...

i would like to point out that a joke without a punchline is not a joke. i don't know if john kerry could ever tell a joke. plus he was just trying to gain support if he makes plans to lose the election in 2008.

Brian said...

Some people should steer clear of comedy. Kerry trying a joke would be like Darth Vader doing a night of standup -- and Darth Maul can't because he is dead.