Monday, November 27, 2006

It's CHRISTMAStime in the city

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It is now officially the Christmas season. That's right -- CHRISTMAS. This is America and as much as I rail against religion in politics, Christmas is still the holiday celebrated during December by the majority of Americans. Sure, Jews celebrate Hanukah, some African-Americans celebrate Kwanzaa but they are still in the minority and as much as I believe in equal rights for all, why should the majority change their ways to accomodate a small minority?

With that being said, this weekend Santa's village made its second annual appearance ont eh roof of our home's porch with a small manger scene on the front lawn. With the constrained space of our lawn, the best I could do was to keep things tasteful. No, there will not be a sled being towed skyward by penguins this year. I couldn't even find the Santa's workshop I built stored away at my parents' place. The five-piece manger which I also built was just too damn big to stuff in the trunk of the Solara. The three wise guys (sorry, three wise MEN) are also sticking in the basement of my parents' house one more year. The teddy bears, elf and toy soldier along with the main characters of the manger scene took up too much space.

Next year, though, I will make my neighbors wish that we had never moved in. The lights will be enough for them to install room darkening window shades and wear sunglasses. Airplane pilots will be confused and attempt to land on our roof. Santa himself will try feverishly to jam himself down the chimney only to find that it leads to a mysterious pan at its terminus in the basement to collect ashes which aren't produced any more.

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