Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Curing the post-Halloween doldrums

Now that the candy has been handed out, there is approximately a three day lull before the radio stations start spinning Christmas tunes by artists who have no business making music, much less covering all-time Christmas classics.

You could bone up on your Family Guy trivia by taking this Family Guy quiz that will do nothing more than frustrate you and have you asking yourself "how close do you have to pay attnetion to know this?". My friend, electronics tech guy, could probably ace the damn thing.

Watch 'The Price is Right' before Bob Barker retires in June. Will he be replaced? Will the show go on without him? Will they shut the doors on that particular studio and eventually plasticize Barker's body after he dies, turning the Hollywood backlot into a shrine of what game shows truly should be. Of course, with Barker gone, who will sexually harrass Barker's beauties?

The last thing to do is to take a shot of tequila each time a political campaign ad airs during the next week. You will risk acute alcohol poisoning but it will drown out the harsh reality of an election year.

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