Thursday, November 02, 2006

A chance for debate; long overdue

The recent flap over John Kerry's inability to complete a joke is exactly what this country didn't need to have happen when it is on the cusp of an election that has the possibility of bringing about much-needed change and a balance of power.

What's done is done though. It is unfortunate that Bush, whom the attempted joke was about, is too much of a dolt to understand the veiled jab at his lack of intelligence.

In the realm of jokes though, does anyone remember those that Bush has pulled out of his Madlibs book? Joking about the WMDs behind curtains or under the desk in the oval office. Those incidences of buffoonery have led to the death of thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Killing that many has pissed Iraqi survivors off.

Kerry, not being the president, is free to criticize whomever he wants. By criticizing the president (and inadvertently the troops via misunderstanding and prodding by the White House), it should push Bush to actually forge a plan for completing the Iraqi invasion and stifling the civil war in that country.

Granted, as I said yesterday, Kerry's new-found fervor is two years two late for him but not for the democratic party as a whole. Republicans are feverishly trying to spin this in any negative fashion they can get their hands on but the fact remains that it is time for a changing of the guards. Republicans, with their majority, have become the definition of corruption. Whether it be gay sex with minors, a baseless war or the continuing stifling of scientific progress in the fields of energy independence, curbing of global warming and furthering of stem cell research; this change is due. If nothing else, the balance of power will spur intelligent debate -- something that has been lacking from this country for well over six long, unprogressive years.


SlimAdam said...

dude, i gotta say that just aint the case. take it from a bullshitter. kerry made the statement he made and it was never meant to be a joke in any way shape or form. saying it was is just his way of trying to get out of it without directly contradicting himself or apologizing. i've done it many times myself, i should know. but i'm better at it. i wish he woulda kept his mouth shut though cause i'm really sick about hearing it on the news. the news!

Anonymous said...

LOL! What exactly will this "long overdue" "debate" be about? Moonbat talking points? Let's see:

*John's comment came at an inconvenient time
*George is too dumb to realize what John meant
*George made worse jokes and is dumb/evil/silly
*John can say what he wants
*John can make George do what you want with his words
*Mention your want for change and call it "fact"
*Redefine corruption and mention some lies you read
*Profess your man-made global warming faith
*Mention embryonic stem cell research, but falsely characterize it as the superset (including the successful adult stem cell research) and instead of saying "federal funding" call it "furthering"

And then, after all that, you use the word "intelligent". I simply cannot wait for this super-crazy-no-way-save-it-for-queen-dopplepopilus debate to begin.

Brian said...

Anonymous, please have the spine to actually own up to your pathetic attempt a rebuttal and avoid the phrase 'moonbat' It show your lack of maturity.