Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And that's a wrap

Finally, after what seemed like seven years of campaigning not only in Minnesota but across the entire country, the tedious midterm elections have come to a close.

Most of my earlier predictions were correct if you forget the percentages. Klobuchar won by a margin over twice as great as I predicted effectively handing republican Mark Kennedy his party line ass on a platter. The antichrist herself Michele Bachmann was apparently handpicked by God to win the sixth congressional district and, in turn, hand everyday mom Patty Wetterling a narrow defeat.

The big surprise was war veteran and average guy Tim Walz beating career politician Gil Gutknecht in the 1st congressional district in rural southern Minnesota.

Overall, democrats took control of both the house and senate in Minnesota and the U.S. House of Representatives with likely an even split in the U.S. Senate. The Star-Tribune has some fancy Flash graphics with full 'big-time' results.

MPR has the state covered like a parka in January with complete results, even as far as vote tallies broken down by county. Of course, the fate of the transportation amendment hangs in the balance (or maybe has been approved) and South Dakota voters struck down the proposed abortion ban while Wisconsin voters channeled their Mississippi cousins and voted to amend their state's constitution to ban both same-sex marriage and civil unions.

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