Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yet another reason Target Center sucks

Guns N' Roses will play Target Center

Why, God, why? Does Axl Rose still think that there will be fans willing to put up with the aging man's juvenile antics? He has been know to spit at fans, walk off mid set and has the habit of postponing things. (Wasn't 'Chinese Democracy' supposed to be out about five years ago?)

I'll believe they are playing at that cesspool of an arena when I am reading the review complete with details of Axl's antics and their overall sloppy performance that would make 'Supernova' look like 'The Beatles' the day after the show has happened.

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SlimAdam said...

funny thing is...people will still plop down tons of money to see these guys portraying themsleves as GNR (only two original members even in the band i think?). last time they were here, which was only like two years ago or something- on a tour they later cancelled the rest of- it was oneof the top selling concerts in the metro area in a long time. damn sad especially when there are WAY better bands that a lot of people may never have heard of. axcl keeps hinting that chinese democracy may see the light of day before the end of this year but it better be the best thing since jesus if it's gonna be a success.