Thursday, October 19, 2006

Write from your heart, not press releases

Katherine Kersten must have had her perm tightened a bit too much at her last trip to Cost Cutters. The Minneapolis 'journalist' uses cliched phrases throughout her love-fest of a column fawning over Michele Bachmann and seems utterly dismayed that anyone would object to someone with such extreme religious views being in a political position representing Minnesota.

Bachmann, who seems like she would hand a 6-foot tall crucifix in every public elementary school classroom in the country with an evangelican minister teaching creationism in favor of the long-gone science has her granny panties in a bunch now because while both her and blogger Kersten can criticize Bill Clinton for speaking at southern churches, Bachmann can do so an expect absolutely no flack from critics.

These two lovers are so far off base that there are no words to describe it other than hypocrite. It's just too bad that the republicans now have nothing more to do than engage in mudslinging on trivial areas rather than focus on actual stances. Where does Bachmann stand versus Wetterling on the tax cuts which were handed down to Bush's base a few years back? I can assume that Bachmann would favor a statue of the Ten Commandments on the lawn of an elementary school but where does she stand on immigration? Is she opposed to building a fence on our Mexican border in favor of a steel reinforced concrete wall?

While Wetterling has at least attempted to let her stances on issues be at least minimally known, Bachmann has done nothing other than lie about Wetterling wanting to eat small children. Hell, I'm an opinion writer just like Kersten, that last sentence contained more facts than a year's worth of Kersten's incoherent ink-stained ramblings. 1982 called and it wants its perm back and I also hear that Katherine Harris from the election fraud hamlet of Florida is looking for a roommate.

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