Monday, October 30, 2006

Will that be Visa or Mastercard?

The Star-Tribune has been doing an ongoing series of stories following the tales of three in debted families in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

At Minnesota Politics, the advice seems to be the best -- at least for one family -- stop having kids. There are few, if any, families with seven kids who successfully make ends meet. Apparently they are even unable to afford any form of birth control. In further stereotypes, they are probably devout Roman Catholics. Likely republicans being that seven kids is an entire basketball team complete with a couple of benchwarmers.

This family, though, is much like or national government. They are stretched beyond their means. Our government approved building a 700-mile-long fence along the Mexican border but hasn't planned on how to finance the fence. Will it be chain link or a lovely wooden picket design? See, they haven't even planned on the aestetic properties of the boondoggle.

If they do decide eventually to nail down a financing plan to fund the construction of this fence which Halliburton will probably build, I can guarantee that the money will be borrowed from China and the labor force will be from Mexico with the fence materials made in Canada and Thailand. All employees of the fence building project will be wearing garments made in Singapore and the electricity used in the project will come from an oil-fired electrical facility fueled by Saudi oil.

The fence will be as effective as paying your credit card bills with another credit card. Eventually it too will collapse.

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