Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday opinion page

Gophers football coach Glen Mason made it clear he took offense to fans booing the Gophers in a loss to Penn State two weeks ago and said alcohol might have contributed to negative reaction from fans. source

No, Glen, they were booing because the Minnesota Gophers football team sucks. Plain and simple. These fans probably were intoxicated but that's the only way they were able to sit through an entire game full of third-tier playing from a school sporting a fifth-tier football program. After you lose to North Dakota State this weekend, you are as good as fired Glen so you best get started burning those bridges now because Winona High School wouldn't even hire you.

A city bus driver who complained about a gay-themed ad got official permission not to drive any bus that carries that ad, according to an internal memo confirmed Tuesday by Metro Transit.

Transit authorities call it a reasonable accommodation to the driver's religious beliefs.

No. You work for Metro Transit. They support your sorry bus driving ass with advertising revenue. You get behind that steering wheel and you stay there. You should just be thankful that you still have a job after striking a couple years back. You'll keep driving that bus even if it is plastered with ads promoting a donkey show at some shady bar in Andover.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Koren Robinson was suspended without pay Tuesday for a minimum of one year for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. source

Wow. The NFL's version of Isaiah J.R. Rider strikes the gridiron. And he had the balls to plead not guilty to speeding through St. Peter, MN at 100+ MPH. This guy's career is over.

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