Monday, October 02, 2006

Twins Win! Twins Win!

Sunday afternoon the Minnesota Twins actually clinched the American League Central Division. The scrappy little team fought from the All-Star break right up until the final day of the regular season to capture their fourth title in five years. Not too bad from a team playing in a stadium where they are unable to compete against large-market teams.

Of course with every positive there is a perceived negative if you believe in the whole ying-yang thing.

If you are planning to watch the Twins play on TV you will need to take a three-plus hour lunch break. In the ongoing conspiracy in major league baseball favoring large market teams, the Minnesota-Oakland series' first two games played in Minneapolis will be at Noon central time. Of course with the games being broadcast on ESPN and KSTP most everyone available for three hours in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week can cheer until they lose their voice.

The Minnesota Twins got the proverbial shaft to accomodate the monetarily lucrative New York Yankees game which will be seen nationally in primetime on FOX. Not that too many people outside of New York or New Jersey give a damn about the Yankees but you'll sure as hell be able to watch that highly pivotal game as the Yankees make pulp out of which ever team that was so unfortunate as to draw the Bronx Bombers.

Why is 90% of the country subjected to a game which nobody cares about? Beyond the obvious scenario of corporate greed and ratings, there is NO answer. To please everyone, the games would be much better received broadcast entirely in primetime on a regional basis but that would leave that poor Yankees fan living in Yankton, South Dakota out in the cold.

Nope, we can't have that. Instead of the numerous states (Minnesota, Iowa and North & South Dakota) who identify the Minnesota Twins as their hometown team, we'll all get to settle in at 7 PM and watch the New York Yankees on FOX. I'll bet their catcher doesn't even HAVE sideburns. They can't even be called a team!

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