Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stop bombs with knots

So, the craziest bastard in the entire world (and proud owner of some Michael Richards-esque ['Kramer' on Seinfeld] hair) supposedly has a nuclear bomb. Albeit a tiny one, North Korean psycho Kim Jong Il is instantly on the top of politicians' danger lists.

Even the president spoke recently of the threat North Korea poses to our safety. Of course they pose a threat NOW. It's only a month before the election and god dammit there is some fear in the hearts of voters again. That oughta do the trick and make our policians' employers (voters) forget about the half-assed job that has been done in the past six-plus years. Never mind the turabout to passing the buck and playing the 'blame-game' (does it come in a handy home version for our runners-up?) on the recent political and sexual scandals.

Let me clear the scandals up. Republican senator Mark Foley had intercourse with a teenage boy under the age of 18 and it was covered up for possibly seven years. He didn't stop there, he had multiple encounters (both in person and via instant messages and e-mail) with male pages while on the job pulling down a paycheck funded by tax payers.

Back to North Korea briefly. Will there be diplomacy and meetings and conversations? Heck yea. Bush clearly stated that he will talk to China, South Korea and Japan. Huh? I don't see any mention of NORTH Korea...

Oh, he said he'll talk to those three countries and hope that they will talk to North Korea.

Wait a minute.

Crazy-eyed Kim Jong Il said he wants to speak to the U.S.A. Well cowboy diplomacy 'guru' George Bush has decided (he IS the decider) what he'll accept and there will be no room for flexibility. Hopefully he'll be forced to change his mind in talking to North Korea because the only troops America has free to invade another country are Boy Scout Troops and I don't think knot-tying is gonna solve this one.

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