Monday, October 09, 2006

So much news that I didn't even read it

A whole gob of news piled up over the weekend and into today's Columbus Day non-holiday when you couldn't find a single soul working at area banks even if they hadn't eaten any e-coli tainted California lettuce recently.

The big revelation from the weekend is that somebody knew something quite some time ago in the whole Mark Foley has sex with a teenage page scandal. But unlike Mark Foley who stated that he likes the manly sex because he is an alcoholic who was abused by priests and probably has daddy issues, Minnesota senatorial candidate Amy Klobuchar's drive for success comes from none other than her dad.

Lastly, just when you thought that Republicans had saved the world by dropping gas prices to the levels of one year ago, they might be inching back up due to North Korea testing some of their crazy nuclear weapons. Bush still has two years left to save his image and nail down his reputation as a war president... North Korea anyone???


Intellectual Insurgent said...

If the US goes into N. Korea - or Iran for that matter - it will expedite the collapse of the empire. We're barely hanging by a thread as it is.

Mercy Now said...

No one person, party, or Congress will get enough support to go to war w/ N Korea.