Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Racist Tom Barnard once wasn't

As referenced by a snippet from here, KQRS morning show host Tom Barnard wasn't always a lowest common denominator radio host...

The conceit was that Barnard and co-host Dan Culhane were "genuinely witty," offering Twin Cities listeners a wry alternative to usual morning radio fare (which, it should be noted, was essentially true at the time).

As evidence, the story offered this gem-only-in-retrospect from Tommy B: "'I won't do blue material, the Chris Edmunds type stuff,' says Barnard, referring to a former KDWB announcer whose show was called 'Morning Sickness.' 'Jokes about blacks and gays aren't appreciated in Minnesota.'"

Times have changed, though. Tom Barnard's morning show is still dominant even though it is dominant with the same folks who listened and de-matured with Barnard for the past two decades. The humor, although played to an older audience by an older man, is far more juvenile and flat out racist. His tired jokes have been recycled more times than a condom in a Thai whore house. The yuk-yuk fest that keeps fifty-something blue-collar factory woorkers in Coon Rapids slapping their knees is played out to anyone who knows someone not of caucasian descent.

His humor has its place, right up there with the small-town fare put forth by the syndicated duo Bob & Tom. I can't wait for the powers that be realize that while Barnard is still bringing in the cash to KQRS, the cash is coming from ads for hemorroid cream and cholesterol-lowering medication. A wake-up call, maybe in the form of the eventual Citadel Communications takeover in the next few months, could put Barnard out to pasture in favor of a computer which would be far less offensive even if it was a total racist asshole.

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