Monday, October 16, 2006

An open letter to KMSP FOX 9

Dear FOX 9,

You have made a historically poor programming decision once again. Your attempt at broadcasting a 'big city' type 5 PM newscast was laughable and still is.

As I heard the news today that your newly installed news director has made what will inevitably go down as the single worst decision of all time. Yes, even bigger than Bush's invasion of Iraq or Mark Foley's NAMBLA membership.

The decision to forego the renewal of Dan Cole's contributor contract on the FOX 9 News at 5 is, in one word, stupid. Yes, I know it's childish to call decisions stupid but it's the best word to fit such a backwards thinking decision.

At 5:53 PM tonight on KMSP FOX 9, millions will tune in. As the segment with 'The Common Man' comes to an end, those same viewers will tune out. This will be the death knell for KMSP as you flush decade upon decade of wise programming decisions down the toilet with this one solitary poor decision.

Begin the funeral march for your little station. With Dan 'The Common Man' Cole gone, the station will gasp its last breaths and cease to exist as the doors will shut, first of KMSP, then on FOX Television by the end of the calendar year.

Thank You for your time,

Concerned Viewer


SlimAdam said...

why don't you write these letters to them for real? funny man.

Brian said...

I e-mailed it last night. Amazing, no response from FOX 9 yet.