Friday, October 27, 2006

Only negativity please...

As I sat in front of the television last night, I pondered two things. First, why doesn't my cable company offer WCCO in high definition and secondly, how many political campaign ads will fit into one commercial break?

Having no answer for my first question, my second question was soon (and annoyingly) answered.

Six thirty second political ads in a three minute break. That's right, each ad slot was filled with political ads (they almost belnd together). There was Gil Gutknech bemoaning the character of military veteran and opponent Tim Walz. Michele Bachmann calling Patty Wetterling a 'typical politician'. This one from a politican doing the typical political thing of skirting actual issues in favor of name-calling. What a dirty whore. And she hates gays too.

There was also an ad from Tim Pawlenty in which he not only attacked democratic candidate Mike Hatch but also Independent candidate Peter Hutchinson.

All of these were paid for by individual candidates.

Not to be outdone, the respective parties' congressional campaign committees threw mud at opposing candidates with barely a mention of their own candidates.

The only politician during that particular break who actually spoke on her own issues was Amy Klobuchar. She has, as she has said repeatedly, run a clean campaign and actually spoke of her positions on issues without verbally bitch-slapping the opposing candidate.

Of course, what campaign would be complete without being able to view the ads of the candidates... these were uploaded to YouTube by what may be the most hated man and biggest phony in all of Minnesota politics... Michael Brodkorb. I wonder how much he was paid to post Bachmann's campaign ads on YouTube?

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