Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Naturalism comes naturally to naturalists

For the better part of a year I have had a link sitting in my e-mail meaning for me to tackle it and write something interesting about it. The topic was one man's experience at a couple of naturalist (nudist) retreats north of the Twin Cities.

First off, the very thought of a naturalist (nudist) retreat in Minnesota seems absurd given the fact that our temperate and extreme 'summer' lasts from approximately Memorial Day to Labor Day but weather be damned, naturalists (nudists) make the best of those 90 or so days.

Secondly, Minnesota has mosquitos. Not just any flesh biting mosquitos, big ones. The kind that can drain one's blood far more effectively than a vampire and I can think of one sensitive region I care not to receive a mosquito bite -- especially from one of Minnesota's own vampsquitos.

My final concern is the sun. Minnesotans are by definition very Norwegian in heritage. Scandinavian is also a term used. Many of us have lineage that can be traced back to the areas once ruled by the Vikings and not those headed by QB Brad Johnson. Being fair-skinned and thusly susceptible to the gaping ozone hole would be a definite drawback to the naturalist (nudist) lifestyle.

Don't get me wrong, I am fine sans clothes but doing so outside has its drawbacks. I don't want to be known at the local medial clinic as 'the guy who was ashamed to rub some Banana Boat on his banana while at the naturalist (nudist) camp and now has third degree burns and blisters and can't wear pants now'.

Naturalists (nudists) engage in the same activities as anyone else at a resort may engage in. Contrary to popular belief it isn't one giant orgy. In fact, it sounded to me from reading the article that alot of these people would be doing society in general a favor by keeping their clothes on and even adding another layer. It is, however, their own perogative to strip down to their birthday suits and have at it on the sand volleyball court. I highly doubt that you'll see many men dive for the ball as a sand burn on the old banana would be far from pleasant.

It turns out, in the end, that the naturalist (nudist) experience isn't what some outsiders think it is. It is simply a place for everyday people to shed their clothes and go about their lives unencompassed by their Levi's jeans and Eddie Bauer shirts. It is as neighborly as any neighborhood BBQ except that you wouldn't want to step too close to the grill.

While I doubt that I will attend either Oakwood or Avatan naturalist camps anytime soon, I admire these people for coming together and embracing themselves in their natural state. If it is truly the clothes that make the man, being naked would serve to level the playing field.

Heck, I came into the world naked, would it be so wrong to leave in the same way?

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