Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More to story of missing man in Austin

Last Tuesday after 10 PM, a South Dakota man staying with his sister and brother-in-law in Austin, MN crashed his car into a ditch.

Normally, this would be written off as an accident and all would be well. This story, though, has some interesting twists as I found out yesterday afternoon after talking with the resident closest to the scene of the accident.

The next morning, after the crash, the resident noticed tire tracks in the ditch adjacent to their property. The property owner also spotted a South Dakota license plate and simply chalked the item up to some drunk that drove off the road.

More unfolded the following Saturday afternoon as the resident noticed six vehicles sitting on both sides of the road near where the tire tracks were. Soon the number of vehicles was ten and that is when the resident went to investigate the apparent used car lot on the side of the road.

That is when the property owners found out that a man staying with relatives nearby had gone missing Tuesday night and this was the first time the relatives had known of the car crash due to the lack of communication between Freeborn and Mower County officials who were now both involved in the investigation.

Shortly after this information, the brother-in-law whom the missing man was satying with showed up asking permission to search the property in the area.

My sources also asked the brother-in-law of the missing man if there was anything they could do to help the next day as they stopped at the nearby residence. After speaking with the sister of the missing man, she informed my sources that her borther had been waiting for a job transfer to come through and had been staying at the rural Austin home for two months. That part of the story sounds fishy to say the least.

It is also worth noting that during the conversation, the sister stated that the missing man has gone missing before and also has a history of meth use. This is something not mentioned in the televised report on KAAL. A number of possible scenarios come to mind including that the now missing man could have faked his own disappearance.

My source mentioned that the last thing they wish to have happen is to find the missing man buried on their property and prefers to think that he was being chased after a meth deal gone bad and was taken by whomever was chasing him.

That may make sense due to the fact that the driver's car rolled upon entering the ditch but the vehicle's sunroof appeared to be carefully removed and placed on the hood of the car.

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