Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Matt Drudge defends pedophile Florida Senator Mark Foley

Matt Drudge, infamous for his chopped up website and a weekly radio show buried on graveyard AM stations in the wee hours of the morning defended sexual deviant and republican senator from Florida, Mark Foley. Drudge stated that because the underaged capitol hill page used 'LOL's (laughing out loud) during the course of the sexual instant messaging that the page(s) was having fun with it.

Where in the hell does this blowhard douche get off with his reasoning? To think that because the teenage underage male page was having fun with this internet conversation based on the language used is simply wrong. While the page very well could have been as gay as Celine Dion fans, the actions of senator Mark Foley are still morally corrupt. Factor in that one of the conversations took place with a teenage page in Floriday where the age of consent is 18 and there is at least a question of moral integrity here.

For a 52-year-old adult senator who served on a committee to protect children from internet predators to himself essentially become what he lobbied against only three years earlier is the definition of the pot calling the kettle black. For internet rube/talk show hack Matt Drudge to go on the air on a handful of unlistenable radio stations and defend Foley's actions and slander the teen pages by calling them 'beasts' is only the latest in a long string of typical republican tactics to turn the victim into the guilty party.

While this scandal will blow by in mere weeks, it is far worse than the comparison the republicans always trot out involving Clinton and Lewinsky. The difference being that Lewinsky initiated their affair and she was over the age of 18.

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betmo said...

limbaugh too- let's blame the victim. they have no idea what internet language is- or they would know that this perv was totally trying to get into this kid's pants. please. he is the adult and so are all of the asshats who covered it up. hope the constituents really think about who they have 'representing' them.