Friday, October 13, 2006

Keeping Fridays phun with fonts

Fonts. They are the best friend of graphic designers and anyone who uses a computer for that matter. Those digital images that appear as we tap away at our ergonomically designed wireless keyboards which look at least somewhat like the images printed on the keys of those very keyboards. Fonts, though, are not all created equally. Some are simply created to irritate and infuriate people to no end.
Heck, there's even another post on the internets about it entitled 'America's Most Fonted'.

A clever play on words but for all the work put into that one post, one painfully annoying font was omitted and anyone I have ever worked with will know my feelings on this font as well.

Brush Script.

Oh, sure, it's a fun font that looks ever-so-classy because it's script. Nope. It's a script that is meant to look like it was written by a third-grader with a wide-tip Sharpie. Just look at it. It's sickening. It's not exactly the most legible font and if you think that my 'ALL CAPS' example is a long-shot, you are 100% wrong. I have seen submitted items, albeit from amateurs who think that owning a copy of Microsoft Word makes them graphic designers (HINT: It Doesn't; just like writing posts to a blog does not make me a journalist) actually use the overused Brush Script font in ALL CAPS.

It doesn't translate well but being that was what was submitted, that was what they received in the finished product with numerous grumbles and disapproving stares along the way.

While I don't agree ENTIRELY with the post I linked to which also inspired this rant, I do feel that is has at least SOME validity.

The lesson is use fonts with care. If you are in doubt, consult a professional and leave the work of professionals to professionals.

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