Monday, October 23, 2006

Is it that time already?

Wait a minute. As we near the point of becoming burned out and downright pissed off to the point of threatening to toss hatchets at the television if another campaign advertisement airs bemoaning candidates as 'typical liberals' or 'just another by-the-book conservative' we are already seeing the beginnings of the next political campaign cycle.

I, for one, will be gleeful when November 7th passes and takes with it the endless barrage of campaign ads that have blanketing every form of media that is broadcast on the so-called public airwaves or printed on various forms of paper. That date of November 7th, though, that marks the none-too-harsh end of the campaign cycle means that the next one is jsut beginning.

There was a time not too long ago that we could rely on a year's reprieve between campaigns but those days have passed. Now the next round of presidential hopefuls are already doing dry runs of their potential campaigns in the Iowas and New Hampshires of the country.

The front-runners thus far and breakers of the unwritten rules of presidential campaigns are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as well as a handful of republican hopefuls whose names are lesser known than these two.

While Clinton and Obama have name recognition, Obama's attention in the media has been mainly positive. I don't particularly mind the early rumblings of presidential campaigning but it doesn't mean a damn thing until one of the candidates is nominated in the summer of 2008 and until then I just may walk around humming loudly with my finger tips planted in my ears because 18 months of calm and silence is just the ticket.

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