Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Drug-addled fatty mocks parkinsons patient

That's right. America's most loathed, drug-addicted blowhard, Rush Limbaugh (heard locally on the terrible KTLK-FM) had the gall to tear into former actor Michael J. Fox because he spoke in a campaign advertisement for a race in Missouri and supported the use of stem cell research to further a possible cure for parkinsons -- a disease which caused the former actor to bow out of the Hollywood world a few years ago.

Of course, not to be outdone by his chunky bastard of a friend, conservative ass-wipe Sean Hannity has probably run his mouth on the topic too.

I don't believe either one of these suit-wearing microphone jockeys has a medical degree (although Rush should so he could more readily obtain Oxycontin and Viagra) but it never stopped them from filling the ears of brainwashed listeners with their unfounded opinions.

Hell, even this narrow-minded twit (who blatantly supports and follows this narrow-minded retard and complete failure) had something to say about it. And remember, I am NEVER above name-calling in any form.

WIth that being said, it is simply bullshit for anyone to publicly state, in any form, that Michael J. Fox was off his meds so he could film a political commercial. Nobody (except for the likes of Rush limbaugh) is that desperate for attention.

Although, my making such a backwards thinking statement, Limbaugh has landed his piss-poor name in the news again and garnered more attnetion, proving that he is nothing more than a bloated, fat, durgged-up attention whore with a Radio Shack microphone and an audience of mostly retarded, toothless listeners.

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