Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bush travels to Arizona for photo op

In the latest boondoggle in excessive government spending, President Bush today signed the latest homeland security bill which includes $35 billion in spending. Included in the bill is a provision for the often-mentioned fence between the U.S. and Mexico.

While I find it hard to believe that a rickety fence spanning 700 miles will deter any desperate Mexican illegal immigrants from crossing the border. unless there is a constant line of landmines buried on either side of said fence, they will cut holes, dig under, climb over or find other means to traverse this fence.

The biggest hurdle, pardon the pun, to the fence actually being built is obtaining the funding. In an election year in a nation where every single issue from what's for dinner to your favorite color is politicized, it might become rather unpopular among those up for election to vote for something that is potentially doomed to spiral towards failure after construction.

If you think that road construction is slow, a hassle and full of wasteful spending; imagine Halliburton taking on a no-bid contract to build a fence that any farmer or rancher could build with materials purchased from Mills Fleet Farm. Boondoggle doesn't even begin to define the process.

If Bush really wants to dig up the funding for his pet fence, try not taking Air Force One to all corners of he country with your lame-ass portable desk for a kick-ass photo op. We get it, you like to see your face in print but I am sure that cameramen can also take perfect photos in the White House which would cut down on those costly flights because the only fence I plan on paying for is in my yard.

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