Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And they said letter writing is dead

Taking a cue from the letter at Minvolved to conservative talk show host Sean Hannity regarding his Great American car Giveaway, I went ahead and pleaded my cause to the heavily accented talking head because this guy needs himself a new automobile.


Dear Voice Comin' Outta My Radio Box,

I am writin' you today in response to yer internet site promotion which states you are giving away a fine General Motors automobile each day.

Slap my bottom and call be Gertrude! A real horseless carriage given away without a single dime to pay? Woooo doggie! Pinch me 'cuz I gots ta' be dreamin'.

You mean to tell me that by listening to yer ray-de-o program to hear my name that I can grab me the keys to one of dem thar shiney-fine driving machines? Holey smokes Tex!

Iffen that be the case, I'll take me one of them Ford Fairlanes. A fine buggy for me and the gaggle-o-youngins if ever there were one...

Sincerely Yours,

Jed Clampett


Now that I let my inner Beverly Hillbilly write a letter to the finest talk show host in the entire country, I'll get down to business.

I find it interesting that with the current financial situation of ot only General Motors but each and every American auto manufacturer that they can afford to give away coffee mugs much less entire cars. Maybe if they quit sponsoring lame contests to show that they are 'American', they could turn the freebies into actual sales.

Not that too many people are still interested in a lineup of cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs that all look the same and have no defining features or hold the interest of potential customers. The entire GM lineup is an offshoot of another vehicle in the ssame lineup. They just slap different names and brands on them and some fancy embroidery on the seat backs.

The entire promotion is a cute little show of goodwill but I've never been swayed to buy something because I was given something for free.

With that being said, I hope I win the Buick. That would bring some good cash as I trade it in for something that is more 'me'.

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