Monday, October 02, 2006

Abstain from abstinence-only education

Birth control, contraception, sex and abortion. All four of these are tied together. They are decisive issues. They are they type of issues that can split families and spark arguments at highly inappropriate times.

Would you bring up the infected toenail oozing green puss at the dinner table while you are entertaining co-workers? If you said yes, then you would probably plop down a snapshot of an aborted fetus at that same dinner table.

Contraception, though, is a even touchier subject. It doesn't come up at the dinner table, unless your conversation happen in a drunken haze, about which type of contraception you are using. It may if the company is exclusively female but in mixed gender company it doesn't happen. It is as taboo as discussing whether you wipe sitting or standing after taking care of business.

The fact remains that a majority of the population uses some form of contraception. The Catholic church would like you to believe that the birth control pill blocks the implantation of an embryo, the fact is that this statement has never been proven true. Why is it, then, that certain legislators want to nearly deny existence of contraception in their family-friendly abstinence-only sex education they are trying to railroad into our public schools.

"Promotion of contraception leads to more extra-marital sexual intercourse,
which leads to more unwanted pregnancies, which leads to more abortions."

The above logic-lacking statement is what has led to this backwards education. Contraception being available does not lead to marital or extra-marital intercourse at all. It's hormones that lead to any form of intercourse. And contraception DOES NOT lead to more unwanted pregnancies if used correctly. If you can't figure out the method for taking a birth control pill each day or how to use a condom you probably lack the mental capacity to actually attract another human being.

I know that there are extenuating circumstances to everything but in today's society, people need and desire options. Promoting abstinence-only sex education though will be what leads to unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

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