Friday, October 06, 2006

$20 million set aside for Iraq war victory party

Never mind the fact that a true victory might never actually happen but our nation's government, in their amazing brilliance, has secured funds originally allocated for the past fiscal year to carry over into the upcoming year for the bash to end all bashes. With that being said, president Bush has gone as far as to say that he can simply 'declare a day of celebration' to mark victory day in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This comes in the wake of headlines marking an upswing in Iraqi violence taking place in a country which America seems destined to be bogged down in for quite some time. Is it really the highest priority in our country to celebrate the victory of a war on a pre-specified day when the war is still going on? Who will be celebrating?

It surely won't be the hard working soldiers who fought there and are now home trying to piece their lives back together while working their day jobs and still giving their one weekend a month and two weeks a year with the possibility of going back for a second, third or fourth tour of duty. The elected officials of America need to get their priorities straight.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

I wonder if any of the people who are actually fighting their war will be invited to the victory party. Or, as with everything else, they will do the shit job while the brass at the top get the perks.

SlimAdam said...

i hope i get invited. bet it'll be a great party.

Mercy Now said...

Another pork barrel. If Iraq is not succesful by end of next year, then we save $20 mill. If so, then $20 mill is nothing compare to the $ billions we've spent on Iraq.